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Sky Entertainers is an award winning Colombo based Sri Lankan film and TV
Production Company founded in 2005 as a video and film production company
that quickly expanded into a full service marketing company. Its brand name is
SKY COLOMBO and constitutes the entirety of its identity. It is known as one
of the most innovative, scientifically sound and truth driven film and TV
Production Company in the country. As such, it is not only highly selective in
the tasks it undertakes but expends enormous amounts of energy to get to the
root of the demand-supply dynamic for every good and every service it
undertakes to promote and utilizes a crack team of internal and consultative
scientists to explore very specific aspects of human psychology, anthropology,
sociology and other mission critical sciences to formulate its strategies. In order
to do this, it has in-house expertise in every aspect of the industry making it one
of the few fully self-sufficient Production Company in Sri Lanka.
Having recognized before anyone else that the mood of the world was shifting
rapidly away from industrial age metrics to sustainable age rubrics it was the first
production Company to move into creating paradigm shifting frameworks for
marketing for the age of sustainability. Utilizing its team of experts it unpacked the
reality of such efforts resulting in its spiral marketing paradigm that was perfectly
tailored to meet future shifts in the way the world viewed marketing.
Sky Entertainers has won the Prestigious Slim Nielsen People’s TV commercial
of the year for seven consecutive years from 2014 for advertisements produced
by the company.



No 412/1, Nawala road
Rajagiriya,Sri Lanka


+94 717271221



Feature Films Produce by Sky Entertainers

International award winning films
• 28: Prasanna Jayakody in 2015
• KARMA (2010): Prasanna Jayakody
• SANSARE DADAYAKKARAYA (2019): Prasanna Jayakody
• KUSA PABA (2012): Dr. Sunil Ariyarathne
• WITHERED LEAF (2016): Duminda Sanjeewa
• HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE (2009): Udaya Dharmawardena
And Chinthaka Dharmadasa
• WOMB: Nishantha Shanthadeva
• UTHURU SULANGA: Chamara Janaraj Pieris